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How to Optimize Battery in a Dell Laptop?

As we all know that laptops are known for their portable capability and it is only possible when they are not plugged into a power outlet. With that being said, it is very crucial that we must take care of our laptop’s battery life. In terms of battery life, Dell is a brand that offers the users huge batteries so that it can be used for a slightly longer time than the other ones in the market. According to Dell Technical Support, some preventive measures must be taken by the users to increase their battery life for their own benefit. There are practically two ways in which you can acquire this ability; one is the precautionary way and the other one is the software power plans that automatically adjust your laptop to consume less power.

Some steps are given below which are provided by the Dell Tech Support Australia for your assistance in this whole process:
The precautionary way
The wireless card consumes so much power of your laptop, to stop this battery draining press the function key…

How to fix laptop overheating issues with DELL Support?

Overheating is a cause of misery for any technological device like laptops. So, the same can be stated for the DELL laptops as well. Due to the problem of overheating, the performance of the PC is halted to a really low degree. While there are multiple hardware ways to clear out this menace, the guarded approach is the software technique. The help provided here would be regarding the increase of speed of the fan which will totally eradicate such problems.

For removing the heat outpour from the system, it is one of the best methods so far as it would lead to eradicating the menace to a large extent.  The tech experts of Dell Tech Support Australia have come up with the ceaseless way to boost the speed of the fan. 

Ways you must adopt for reducing overheating- 

  1. Move to the windows icon that is positioned on the left side on your desktop. 
  2. Hit on the system as well as a security option
  3. Hit on the power option
  4. Ensure to select the balance option and hit on by changing the plan set. 
  5. Choose the advanced power setting option in the fifth step.
  6. Expand the processor power managing link.
  7. Enlarge the processing to the maximum possible state.
  8. Hit on the text indicated with blue to set out the option to 90% and move to apply.
  9. For closing the power-option window.
  10. Reboot the laptop by clicking on the ok button. 
Note: Be careful while following the steps as certain care needs to be taken while handling the delicate but hazardous electrical parts. 

Having the solution to all such problems, pick up your telephone and dial a toll-free Dell Support Australia: 1-800-431-355 where experts and technicians are there to attend you. You will be welcomed with sanity and standard by our knack that will surely eliminate your problem within the minute of reach.

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